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Members of an organisation, irrespective of their positions, play a vital role to achieve organisation goals.   They should not limit their responsibilities to a job description activity only, but also have the important role in moulding individual behaviour suitable for a successful organisation.

As such, their role in organisation becoming more challenging and complex. They have to keep abreast with the organisation needs in a changing environment as supervisor, trainer, administrator, facilitator, manager, counselor, researcher, leader etc. Hence, he or she is to lead a team comprises individuals of different background.   As team leader, he or she has to promote team development and teamwork for a better understanding between individuals – the most critical factor and powerful tool for any successful organisation in a competitive environment.

Workshop Objectives

  • To highlight self-esteem and the importance of teamwork for a   successful organisation
  • To strengthen self-identification and organisation expectation
  • To uncover strengths, weaknesses and qualities of excellent
  • To enhance positive thinking on the importance of teamwork in improving quality and productivity


After completion of the training, the participant would be able to:

  • Nurture an enjoyable teamwork and working environment in an organisation
  • Instil positive values and work ethics
  • Improve self-reliance, and strengthen mental and physical endurance
  • Enhance potential, teamwork and positive contribution to achieve a common goal
  • Understand the importance of having the excellent services to customers 

Programme Outline 

This 4-day training is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and experience on the team development, and the importance of having teamwork for a successful task.It provides a framework for the understanding of a team & teamwork to handle particular issues.  This training will cover both classroom and outdoor activities to generate more interaction and experiential learning toward promoting better teamwork.

Course Contents

  • Ice breaking and team formation
  • Role of leader and team member
  • Self identification and values
  • Effective communication and networking
  • Teamwork and work teams
  • Barriers of effective team
  • Team dynamic
  • Uncover strengths & weaknesses
  • Time management, work planning and priority
  • Team problem solving : Creativity and innovation
  • Managing teams
  • Teams in organisation


Participative lecture, training games, role play

Who Should Attend

Trainer, project manager, supervisor, administrator, laboratory manager, training manager and those who interested in personnel development, leading and teamwork.

Your Investment

Single Registration per pax     RM 1,150.00

Team discount per pax            RM 1,100.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

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