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Radiation Safety Audits are an important tool for maintaining a good radiation safety program. NCRP Report No.127 (Operational Radiation Safety Program) defines audit as a deliberate examination of the program to determine if the program is effective. The audit is an integral part of any quality assurance effort and is known as useful mechanism for program evaluation and improvement and can be instrumental in correcting problems, communicating strengths and weaknesses to management and involving the Radiation Safety Committee in the program operation.
Effective audits can and should be done regardless of the size of the program. They need not be costly and, if organized properly, can be performed with a minimal time commitment. The remainder of this course will cover some successful audit tips.

Course Objectives

  • To provide detail knowledge and understanding on requirement of radiation safety audit.
  • To provide fundamental skills in managing radiation safety audit.
  • To motivate all members to fulfill requirement for effective radiation safety in their workplace. *To help promote performance based radiation safety culture between employer and employees.

 Course Contents

  • Overview of radiation safety
    • Basic on ionising radiation
    • Biological effects
    • Principle of radiation protection
    • Radiological monitoring
    • RPOP
  • Radiation safety – lesson learned
  • Overview on Act/Regulation & standard – Act 304 and Act 514
  • Requirements of Radiation Safety Management Audit
  • Audit: Fundamental and Competency of auditor
  • Steps in audit
  • Preparation of checklist
  • Non-conformance writing
  • Preparation of audit report
  • A short assessment will be held at the end of session

Who Should Attend

Radiation protection officer (RPO), radiation protection supervisor (RPS), safety officer, radiation worker, radiologist, x-ray operator, supervisor, technologist, technicians, laboratory assistant and those who are involved and interested in radiation safety management audit.


  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion/role play
  • Case study/audit simulation

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