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Programme Overview: 

Good handling & care of x-ray and related equipment is needed to ensure the safe and proper use of x-ray at minimum exposure to the patient, personnel & public. The quality of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures cannot be adequate if the equipment use is not functioning properly due to lack of good care & maintenance. Proper handling of x-ray equipment is essential to the continuous improvement of quality as well as the costs and client confidence. This 1-day refreshing course will provide better understanding in managing x-ray equipment and related facilities.

Target Group: 

  • General Practitioner
  • Medical Officer
  • Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)
  • Radiographer
  • Medical Physicist
  • Lecturer, X-ray operator/Nurse

 Course Content: 

  • X-ray equipment, components and production of x-ray
  • Instrument care and preventive maintenance
  • Specification, acceptance testing and maintenance of radiographic system
  • Quality assurance programme (QAP)
  • Regulation of radiation protection and Atomic Energy Licensing Act


  • CME recognition from MOH
  • CPD point from MMA
  • CEP point from AELB


7 hours/ 1 day

Fees :

Single registration per pax

After IPTN discount



Team registration per pax

After IPTN discount




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