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Programme Overview:

X-ray examinations is an important tool that helps dentists to diagnose, plan treatments and monitor both treatments and lesion development. A paranomic x-rays commonly performed examination by dentists and oral surgeons in everyday practice and is an important diagnostic tool. It covers a wider area than a conventional intraoral x-ray and as a result, provides valuable information.

Target Group:

  • Dentist
  • Physicist
  • Therapy Radiographer
  • General Practitioner
  • Medical Officer
  • Radiation Protection Officer/Supervisor (RPO/RPS)
  • Radiographer
  • Medical Physicist
  • Lecturer,
  • X-ray Operator/Nurse
  • All those who are involved in the use of dental radiology equipment

Course Content: 

  • Introduction of radiation physics in dental radiology
  • Principle of radiation protection
  • Biological effect in dental radiology
  • Radiation dose and risk
  • Design of Facilities and Shielding of Work Place
  • Legislation and Regulatory Requirement
  • Management of QAP


  • CME recognition from MOH
  • CPD point from MMA
  • CEP point from AELB


7 hours/1 day

Fees : 

Single registration per pax

After IPTN discount



Team registration per pax

After IPTN discount




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