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Programme Overview: 

The radiation workers who receive doses exceeding the allowable limit, or member of public who accidentally exposed to radiation are required to perform dose assessment using the biological method.

Therefore, Radiation Protection Officers (RPO), Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS), Atomic Energy Licensing Board personnel and medical officer need to know a basic knowledge on radiation effect to chromosome as the bio-indicator for dose estimation.

During radiation emergency, chromosome aberration of the exposed workers should be analyzed as soon as possible; the test result should be clearly comprehended by all personnel, so that immediate decision and medical treatment to the exposed workers can be performed effectively by the emergency response team.

Target Group: 

  • AELB personnel
  • Student
  • Industrial and Medical Radiation Worker
  • Medical Officer
  • Researcher

 Course Content: 

  • Techniques and Applications of Chromosome Aberration for Dose Estimation
  • Biological Safety
  • Media Preparation and Blood Culture
  • Effect of Radiation to Human
  • Types of Chromosome Aberration
  • Cell Harvesting and Slide Preparation
  • Techniques for Measuring Radiation Dose
  • Report and Interpretation of Test Results
  • Chromosome Aberration Analysis and Result Interpretation
  • Group Discussion


  • CME recognition from MOH
  • CPD point from MMA
  • CEP point from AELB


21 hours/3 days


Single registration per pax

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Team registration per pax

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