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1Lecture Room:
1.Delima Room ( 50 paxs)
2. Zamrud Room (25 paxs)
3. Room 57101&102 (50 paxs)
4. Room 57201(20 paxs)
5. Room 57202 (20 paxs)
Seminar Room (100 paxs)
Hall (>100 paxs )
2Tutorial room: 2 Tutorial Room (10 paxs)
32 Laboratories* – 40 paxs each
41 Computer lab
5Teaching aids
6Storage (teaching aids, laboratory equipment)
7Internet and WIFI, Telephone and Faxs
8Mosque (for Muslim)
9Dining hall and Cafeteria

*Note :

  • Training Infrastructure is supported by complete range of R&D lab, and other main radiation facilities.
  • Nuclear Malaysia is the only organization can provide this sort of facilities in Malaysia.


Bilik Delima

Bilik Makan

Dewan DTI

Makmal Sinaran

Bilik Seminar

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