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Introduction of Environmental Safety & Health

Nuclear Malaysia Training Centre has been conducted the training on environmental safety and health issue for the last 10 years. Nuclear Malaysia Training Centre address the technological changes that have introduced new hazards in the workplace, proliferation of safety and health legislation and corresponding regulation, and realization by executives that workers in a safe and healthy workplace are typically more productive. As each person entitled to safe and healthy condition at the workplace, an amount of efforts have been concentrated to develop the program that can meet the need of workers in Malaysia who face the occupational safety and health hazards daily. The programs offered have sufficient awareness, information and communication between professionals and community especially employers and workers.

Focusing on research and technology transfer, Nuclear Malaysia through Nuclear Malaysia Training Centre with other government agencies always looking for the best medium to share the knowledge and technology to educate and help the publics. For the desirable development and increase in economy activities, many new program have been created to extensive technology that would result in increased productivity and enhanced economy.

Available Courses

Code Course Title Recognition Venue
ESH 110 Asas Keselamatan Sinaran Tidak Mengion
ESH 111 Kesedaran Keselamatan Sinaran Tidak Mengion
ESH 124 Keselamatan Industri (Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan di Tempat Kerja)
ESH 125 Identifikasi Bahaya dan Risiko
ESH 126 Asas Keselamatan Laser
ESH 220 Keselamatan Kimia dan Kesihatan
ESH 300 Keselamatan Laser untuk Pegawai
ESH 323 Pencemaran Kimia dalam Sumber Air
ESH 400 Persidangan Sinaran Tidak Mengion
ESH 401 Seminar Keselamatan Makanan
ESH 121 Pemantauan dan Analisis Penyinaran Makanan
ESH 122 Penyinaran Makanan dan Herba
ESH 123 Penyinaran Pensterilan bagi Produk Perubatan

For Inquiry, please contact us :

Head of Sector

Sabariah binti Kader Ibrahim
Tel: +603.8911.2000 ext 2611

Training Coordinator

Muhammad Ibrahim bin Mohd Nahar
Phone: +603.8911.2000 ext 2610


Shawani binti Halid
Phone: +603.8911.2000 ext 2601

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