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Certainly, familiarising the R&D personnel with basic concepts, practices and principles of business management will be useful. Thus the R&D personnel need to understand management basic. The R&D personnel need to fine-tune their management skills in order to make the knowledge or results created by them saleable. R&D Management deals with the management of R&D, such as identification of R&D needs, resources such as man, machine, money, methodology of procedures and R&D priority.

Hence, this programme will emphasise on R&D management like human resource issues, communication and organisational culture to budget, leadership skill increasing the effectiveness of R&D. 

Course Objectives 

  • To have an idea and understanding of the managerial challenges present in research and development environment
  • To develop leadership and R&D management skills to enhance the performance of individual as well as team
  • To familiarize with the management of resources for a smooth implementation of R&D 

Course Contents 

  • Overview of R&D Management
  • Financial management
  • Human resource management
  • Knowledge management in R&D organisations
  • R&D planning
  • Project management
  • Research methodology
  • Organisational development
  • Leadership and team building
  • Motivation and job satisfaction
  • Technology transfer issues
  • Commercialisation 

Who Should Attend 

Manager from public sector R&D organisations, industrial, commercial, academic, scientist, engineer, technologist, senior and middle level executive from public and industrial R&D units, techno-entrepreneurs and R&D consultant and R&D supervisor.

Your Investment

Single Registration per pax     RM 1,150.00

Team discount per pax            RM 1,100.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

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