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Research is often describe as systematic process of inquiry aimed at discovering, interpreting and revising facts.  Research is the term applied to any form of systematic and organised investigation to establish facts or collect information, and is usually related to a problem that needs to be solved.  The core concept underlying all research is its methodology.  It is not enough to follow the research procedures without an intimate understanding that research methodology directs the whole endeavor where critical decisions are made and where organising, planning and directing the whole project take place. The methodology controls the study, dictates the acquisition of the data, arranges them in logical relationships, set up a means of refining the raw data, contrives an approach so that the meanings taht lie below the surface of those data become manifest, and finally issues a conclusion or series of conclusions that lead to an expansion of knowledge.  The entire process is a unified effort as well as an appreciation of its component parts.

This course is intended to present the concepts and principles of research and to advise how to set out, implement and complete a research project.  

Course Objectives

  • To provide guidance and integrate ideas towards excellence research
  • To familiarise with the important research terms and concepts
  • To assist participant in writing good report and produce research piece/work 

Course Contents 

  • Overview on research methodology
  • Research process and design
  • Planning and research strategies
  • Research objectives and hypotesis
  • Methodology of sampling
  • Instrumentation and procedure of collecting data
  • Procedure of data analysing
  • Research ethics and good conducts
  • Research budget and resources
  • Performance evaluation in measuring success
  • Reporting and writing 

Who Should Attend 

Researcher, lecturer, senior executive, manager, supervisor and those who involved and interested in research methodology 


  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion/role play 

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