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Writing is an effective way to communicate the results of a research, fieldwork, services, consultation works and other activities.  It is for a flow of information and dissemination of knowledge with certain purpose. Writing is a part of research activities and constitutes an essential part of the methodology. Good writing is important in order to deliver the information accurately and concisely that could be well understood by the readers. In general, writing serves as a flow of information to communicate the message to the right person through the effective media. Scientific writing is a critical part of any researcher’s life.  In science, writing is the most important means in communicating research findings.  In most cases, scientists report the results of their research activities in scientific journals in a rather standards scientific paper format.

This course is designed to provide tools, resources and approaches to improve ability to write in a scientifically precise and accurate manner and to interrelate complex conceptual issues in a coherent manner.  Participant in this course will be expected to be motivated and willing to improve their written skills.  

Course Objectives

  • To provide guidance and support with goal of producing highly qualified and independent with ethical standard
  • To help participant with the skills necessary to develop and write scientific publication
  • To encourage and support in preparing good scientific proposal and articles 

Course Contents

  • General strategies in writing
  • Scientific paper and report
  • Formatting
    • Referencing
    • Captions
    • Tables
    • Writing number
    • Unit of measurements
    • Bibliography
  • Writing abstract
  • Language and sentence structure
  • Writing paragraphs and extended arguments
  • Writing successful scientific proposal and articles

Who Should Attend 

Researcher, lecturer, senior executive, manager, supervisor and those who involved and interested in scientific writing skills 


  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion/role play/coaching 

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Single Registration per pax      RM 850.00

Team discount per pax            RM 800.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

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