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Radiation safety is the most important for the radiation practitioner when carrying out activities with the ionising radiation. Radiological accidents are preventable through attention to hazards and appropriate action by each individual and the responsible organisation making it a manageable event. Managers and supervisors are responsible to ensure that an adequate system is in place to conduct work safely. For each work activity, an identifiable line management chain is ultimately responsible.

In realising the need, Nuclear Malaysia has initiated a course on integrated radiation safety management system (IRSMS). It is aimed to highlight the integration of international standard (IAEA) and AELB national’s standard and requirements into the OSH management. Through this integration, it is able to manage a variety of hazards on environmental, safety and health and by promoting safe behavior at all levels of workers. The IRSMS is made up of 5 components essential for proper work management.

The course is aimed to provide the basis of integration into OSH management to ensure adequate protection of workers, the public and the environment and encourage licensee to manage radiation safety based on performance, and not on compliance culture, with the final objective of professing a safety culture through self regulation. There is a significant improvement observed in the IRSMS as compared to the current Radiation Protection Program, and this will certainly benefit an organisation with ultimate goals to continuously strive for a healthy, accident free and environmentally sound workplace and community, while providing the technical support needed to meet the national mission.

To facilitate the adoption and implementation of IRSMS, Nuclear Malaysia will conduct a three-day course that provides vital information and guidelines for radiation practitioners to plan and implement IRSM in their respective organisations.

Course Objectives 

  • To provide a detailed knowledge and understanding on Integrated Radiation Safety Management System (IRSMS) among safety practitioners.
  • To provide the following skills to safety practitioners in the assessment and implementation of the IRSM:
    •   managing radiation risk and accidents
    • integrating radiation safety with other OSH management system
  • To motivate and promote principles and methods related to continual improvement in radiation safety performance

Course Contents

  • Radiation Safety Management System Requirement
  • AELB (Act 304)
  • OHSA (Act 514)
  • Organisation and policy
    • Planning and implementation:
    • Radiological risk management system
    • Developing radiological safe work system and protocols
    • Emergency management system
    • Accident notification, investigation and reporting
  • Evaluation
    • Performance measurement and audit
  • Getting started
    • Gap analysis
    • Documentation
  • Implementation guide line


Lecture, discussion/simulation and case study.


Who Should Attend

Licensee, OBTL, RPO, RPS, OSH Practitioner, consultant and those who involved and interested in IRSMS.


Your Investment


Single Registration per pax     RM 1,250.00

Team discount per pax            RM 1,200.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)


Incentive for Nuclear Technology Application (IPTN)

Single Registration per pax     RM 1,187.00

Team discount per pax            RM 1,140.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

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