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Safe and reliable operation in nuclear industry for non-power and power application is highly sought. No doubt, observance of the principles of nuclear safety and safety culture are a basic requirement towards it. Therefore to be equipped with the best practice, each organisation should have a strong leadership and management capability that serve as a pillar for the company to move forward.

Leadership and Management are important to drive the organisation in a right track and perspective to ensure targeted output is achieved. Although the two are similar in some respects, they may involve different types of outlook, skills and behaviours. A good manager should strive to be a good leader that demands management skills.

‘Nuclear Leadership and Management’ has to be demonstrated at the highest levels in an organization and stated objective has to be achieved and improved. This can be meaning possible by an effective management system and the understanding of the nuclear business. As such, it needs to integrate all elements of management to optimize all the resources to promote a strong safety culture, recognizing the interactions between individuals, expertise, technology and facilities and stakeholders.

This 3-day course aims to assist junior and middle manager in the nuclear industry and education establishment to understand the key issues in leadership, management and governance in general in order to be effective promoter and player in nuclear industries. 

Course Objectives

  • To appreciate the leadership and managerial roles required to enhance in nuclear industry
  • To give more understanding and exposure of leadership and management in nuclear related aspect
  • To understand the nuclear business in non-power and power application
  • To keep abreast with the current outlook for development in nuclear business
  • To familiar with the indicator performance and capitalise resources for effectiveness and productive working atmosphere


Lecture, Presentation, Discussion and Case Study

Course Contents

Module 1

  • Introduction to leadership and management
  • Leadership Vs management
  • Developing of leadership and management skills
  • Principles of leadership and management
  • Leadership and managing role in nuclear safety
  • Managing resources
  • Safety culture in nuclear organisations
  • Crisis management
  • Communication
  • Change management
  • Problem solving and risk-based decision making
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Regulation & Licensing

Module 2

  • National Nuclear Programme
  • Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Quality System
  • Confidence and Trust for public
  • Nuclear Leadership and Management
  • Changing Behaviour in Nuclear Industries
  • Nuclear Ethics and Organizational Culture
  • Supply procurement
  • Nuclear knowledge management


  • Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia)
  • International speaker
  • Industrial company
  • Participative agency 

Who Should Attend 

  • Officer and Executive attach or working with nuclear industry for non-power and power application
  • Radiation Protection for Officer(RPO), OBTL, SHO Officer, Manager, Executive level, HRD, Supervisor, Academician and those who involved in management of nuclear

Your Investment

Single Registration per pax     RM 1,050.00

Team discount per pax            RM 1,000.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

Incentive for Nuclear Technology Application (IPTN)

Single Registration per pax     RM 977.00

Team discount per pax            RM 950.00

(2 or more registration from the same organization)

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