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Programme Overview:

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area in the medical field that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials, or radiopharmaceuticals, to examine organ function and structure. The images are developed based on the detection of energy emitted from radioactive substance given to the patient either intravenously, orally, by inhalation or via instillation. Generally, radiation to the patient is similar to that resulting from standard x-ray examination. In this regards, a person who operates the nuclear medicine system must be properly trained in specific procedures of nuclear medicine.

This program is designed for participants to gain knowledge on radiation protection for better radiation safety practice in nuclear medicine. This course will enable participants to improve their capability in the nuclear medicine aspects including the equipment operational procedures and safety measure. It covers application of basic nuclear medicine procedures. The syllabus is based on national requirement, with due consideration on the international standard and practice.

Target Group:

  • Nuclear medicine physician/technologist
  • Medical doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses in government or private hospitals

Course Content: 

  • Basic Principle of Nuclear Medicine: Radiation and Radioactivity
  • Biological Effect of Ionizing Radiation
  • Radiation Safety Awareness in nuclear Medicine
  • Radiological Monitoring: Patient and Surrounding(Area)
  • Clinical Procedure/Protocol Update
  • Legislative Requirement Act 304
  • Quality Assurance Programme


  • CME recognition from MOH
  • CPD point from MMA
  • CEP point from AELB


14 hours/2 days

Fees : 

Single registration per pax

After IPTN discount



Team registration per pax

After IPTN discount




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