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Programme Overview: 

The increasing use of ionising radiation in medical sector needs the well trained workers and comprehensive implementation of radiation protection programme. This course is specially designed to for general practitioners with the purpose of gaining knowledge on ionizing radiation which need special attention to the radiation safety in order to protect the safety of staffs, patients and public.

This training programme is in line with requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 to generate proper radiation safety practices at workplace for the bene‑fit of workers, patients and public.

Target Group:

  • All general practitioner of the x-ray machines

Course Content: 

Module 1 : Radiation Safety Awareness

  • Basic information on radiation sources man
  • Principles of radiation protection
  • Basic radiological monitoring and measurements
  • Safety measures in exposure room Radiation safety audit
  • Legislative requirements, Act 304

Module 2 : X-ray Equipment & Associated Facilities

  • X-ray equipment, components and production of x-ray
  • Maintenance and calibration of equipment
  • Maintenance of cassette, screen etc
  • Maintenance of dark room and processing facilities

Module 3 : Quality Assurance

  • Radiographic anatomy
  • Normal chest x-ray and criteria of good radiography
  • Interpretation of x-ray/radiography
  • Quality assurance programme and responsibility


  • CPD point from MMA


40 hours/6 days

Fees :

Single registration per pax

After IPTN discount



Team registration per pax

After IPTN discount




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