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Programme Overview: 

The use of ionising radiation in medicine is currently increasing with technical and technological improvements raising the needs for technical competencies. The essential responsibility of the qualified personnel clinical practice is to assure the optimum use of radiation to produce a stated diagnostic or therapeutic outcome. This responsibility includes: protection of the patient and others from potentially harmful or excessive radiation; establishment of adequate protocol to ensure accurate patient dosimetry; the measurement and characterisation of radiation, the specification of dose delivered.

Target Group: 

  • Radiation Protection Officer
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor
  • Medical Physicist
  • Medical Officers
  • Radiographers
  • Nurses working in Diagnostic Radiology,
  •  Radiotheraphy or Nuclear Medicine Department

Course Content:

Day 1

  • Basic radiation and radioactivity
  • Radiation hazards and effects of ionising radiation on man
  • Basic radiological monitoring and measurement
  • Radiation detection & measurement in medical facilities
  • Quality assurance practice & responsibility
  • Plan & procedures for radiological emergencies
  • International Consensus & Radiation Safety Standards

Day 2

  • Safety asociated with acceptance test, commisioning and operation
  • Safety management: safety assesment, transportation of radioactive material and waste management
  • Potential radiation exposure: occupational, medical & public
  • General shielding & design of workplace
  • Legislative requirement

Discussion :

  • Dealing with radioactive spills and contamination
  • Radiation protection in medical practice


  • CME recognition from MOH
  • CPD point from MMA


14 hours/2 days

Fees : 

Single registration per pax

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Team registration per pax

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