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TENORM is an abbreviation for Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material. TENORM may present in the form of product or waste containing enhanced level of radionuclide activity concentration as a result of technological processes. Not all NORM processing will end-up with TENORM production. Same processes only produce material with similar activity to the normal soil, i.e. no enhancement of radionuclide activity concentration. In Naturallly Occuring Radioactive Material processing, enhancement can be compared with the activity level of the raw material used. In oil and gas industry, the activity level of normal soil can be used as a reference to evaluate enhancement.

Course objectives

  • To provide basic understanding of the philosophy and principles of radiation protection in NORM/TENORM processing
  • Creating the awareness on the effects of ionising radiation and safety working procedure related to NORM/TENORM
  • To familirise with the safe working procedures when dealing with NORM/TENORM

Course contents

  • Basic Information on Ionising Radiation Emphasising on NORM/TENORM
  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Effects of Radiation on Man
  • Basic Radiological Monitoring And Measurement
  • Working Procedure in NORM/TENORM Processing
  • Plan and Procedures for Radiological Emergencies in NORM/TENORM
  • Legislative Requirements Pertaining to NORM/TENORM

Who Should Attend
Radiation licensee, RPO, RPS, supervisor, radiation worker, manager, researcher, training provider, lecturer, scientist, trainer, academician, safety officer, ESH (safety and health) officer, medical physicist, physician, laboratory manager and those who are interested in TENORM processing.


  • Lecture
  • Discussion 


Payment Fees Fees with accommodation*
Single Registration per pax RM 930.00 RM 1,180.00
After IPTN RM 880.00
Team Discount per pax

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

RM 880.00 RM 1,130.00
After IPTN RM 830.00

* The accommodation valid for Suite 57@ Nuclear Malaysia Guest House.

RM100 per night

Check in- 2.00 pm

Check out – 12.00 pm



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