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Programme Overview: 

Ionizing radiation cannot be sensed directly by human beings in any way but excessive exposure may have adverse health effects. Thus, a proper selection and use of measuring instruments and effective monitoring programme is seen as paramount need while working with radiation sources, both personal and area monitoring. This 2-day course is designed to provide guidance on radiological monitoring and measurement for employers, Radiation Protection Officers, managers and other technically competent persons who have responsibility to ensure the safety working with ionizing radiation. It is very important to ensure not only that monitoring is carried out in a proper manner where there is a potential radiation exposure. The monitoring instrument used has also to be appropriate to the task and the users understand correct interpretations on the result obtained. The programme covers both personal and area monitoring that is necessary to control occupational exposure of working personnel and public alike.

Target Group: 

Radiation licensee, RPO, RPS, supervisor, radiation worker, manager researcher, training provider, lecturer, scientist, trainer, academician, safety officer, SHO, medical physicist, physician, laboratory manager, and those who are interested in radiological monitoring and measurement.

Course Content: 

  • Basic Information on Ionising Radiation
  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Effects of Radiation on Man
  • Quantity and Unit of Radiation Measurement
  • Recognition of a Good/Reliable Radiation Monitoring Equipment
  • Radiological Monitoring Equipment and Methods
  • Detection and Measurement of Radiation
  • Characteristic, Selection and Calibration of Survey Meter
  • Care and Maintenance of Monitoring Devices


  • Participative Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion


Payment Fees Fees with accommodation*
Single Registration per pax RM 930.00 RM 1180.00
After IPTN RM 880.00
Team Discount per pax

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

RM 880.00 RM 1130.00
After IPTN RM 830.00

* The accommodation valid for Suite 57@ Nuclear Malaysia Guest House.

RM100 per night

Check in- 2.00 pm

Check out – 12.00 pm



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