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The course on radiation safety is primarily directed to the safety of workers, members of the public and the environment by emphasising aspects of radiation protection, in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984. The increasing use of ionising radiation in various sectors – industry, medical, manufacturing, agriculture and research – demands a comprehensive implementation of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act which requires all those involved with the use of ionising radiation to have a suitable and safe emergency plan programme.

This 2-days course is designed to provide with a basic understanding of what is required to prepare for workplace emergencies, how they can be ready to respond as well as what they should know about their employers emergency plan. It also give a guidance for developing and implementing a response plan for workplace emergencies including off-site emergencies involving the organization’s staff.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the new provision under the Act 304 for the preparation of emergency plans.
  • To assess radiological risk and propose solutions to eliminate or reduce risks.
  • To identify the emergency plan that should be prepared based on radiological risks.


  • Participative Lecture
  • Discussion / Case study
  • Demonstration / Practical

Target Group:

Radiation Licensee, RPO, Manager, Safety Officer, Supervisor, radiation worker, radiographer, assistant researcher, technician, Safety and Health Officer, laboratory assistant, operator, general worker and those working directly with ionising radiation and responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining emergency response plan.

Course Content:

Basic Information on Ionising Radiation

  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Radiological Monitoring & Measurement
  • Emergency Plan & Role of AELB in Radiological Accident
  • Identification ofHazardsInvolvingRadiation Source
  • Principles and Risk Assessment Process
  • Guideline to the Preparation of Radiological Emergency Plan
  • Evaluating Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement
  • Communication and Information on Radiological Emergency


Payment Fees Fees with accommodation*
Single Registration per pax RM 930.00 RM 1,180.00
After IPTN RM 880.00
Team Discount per pax

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

RM 880.00 RM 1,130.00
After IPTN RM 830.00

* The accommodation valid for Suite 57@ Nuclear Malaysia Guest House.

RM100 per night

Check in- 2.00 pm

Check out – 12.00 pm


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