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The course on radiation safety is primarily directed to the protection of workers, members of the public and the environment by emphasizing aspects of radiation protection and safety, in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 (Act 304).

The increasing use of ionising radiation in various sector- industry, medical, manufacturing, agriculture, research, etc- demands a comprehensive implementation of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act which requires all organizations involved in the use of ionising radiation to have a radiation protection officer and properly trained radiation workers.

It is envisaged that this training programme would raised the radiation safety practice to the highest possible level and at the same time would leads to the development of safety culture in an organization. The course is aimed to provide platform and preparing a personnel for a career in radiation related position/task such as Radiation Protection Officer or Radiation Protection Supervisor.

Who Should Attend:

Those who are going to be qualified as radiation protection officer (RPO) and radiation protection supervisor (RPS), safety officer, engineering, manager, lecturer, supplier, medical officer and those who are responsible for the safe use of ionising radiation in various activities.

Course Content:
Module 1 has been established to cover all aspects of radiation safety related to the use of ionising radiation in various sectors leading to the good radiation protection practice at a workplace.

  • Basic Information on Ionising Radiation
  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation
  • Radiation Measurement and Monitoring
  • Working Procedures in Handling the Irradiation Apparatus and Radioactive Materials
  • Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  • Management of Radioactive Wastes
  • Plan and Procedures for Radiological Emergencies
  • Atomic Energy Licensing Act and Radiation Protection Regulation
  • Radiation Protection Organisation and Programme
  • Radiation Safety Audit
  • Security Of Radioactive Materials

Module 2 is to equip the candidate with the radiation protection aspects in a specific sector. To qualify as a radiation protection officer (RPO) candidate must attend both modules, namely Module 1 and any one of the selected Sub-module 2, depending on the nature job of the candidate.

Industrial Cluster

Category 1: Radiation Processing

Category 2: Industrial Radiography

Category 3: NORM/TENORM, Nuclear Gauging

  • Safe Working Procedures in Specific Category
  • Plan Emergencies Procedures in Specific Category
  • Safety and Security in Specific Category
  • Demonstration/practical in Specific Category


  • Partcipative Lecture
  • Practical
  • Demonstartion
  • Role Play
  • Discussion
  • Case Study


Payment Fees Fees with additional Refference Fees with accommodation*
Single Registration per pax RM 2,615.00 RM 2,595.80 RM 3,795.00
After IPTN RM 2,480.00
Team Discount per pax

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

RM 2,480.00 RM2465.80 RM 3,665.80
After IPTN RM 2,350.00

* The accommodation valid for Suite 57@ Nuclear Malaysia Guest House.

RM100 per night

Check in- 2.00 pm

Check out – 12.00 pm

Additional reference include Handbook of Radiation Protection + DVD Radiation at a Glance worth RM115.80

Fees include the cost of training material. Payment through cheque/bank draft and local order (L.O) should be crossed and made payable to Director General Malaysian Nuclear Agency




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