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Programme Overview:

The requirement and methods to ensure radiation protection safety and security of radioactive materials used in the nuclear application technologies are well established. It is well recognized that the effective system for nuclear security are vital in facilitating the peaceful use of nuclear application technology in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 304. Hence, expressed the support and endorsement of the IAEA code of conduct on the safety and security of radioactive source. This 3 days course is designed to provide a basic understanding on the nuclear security which is fundamental in the management of nuclear technologies and in its applications where the radioactive materials is used or transported. It also gives guidance for developing and implementing applicable system for ensuring the secure management, use and storage of radioactive source.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the new requirement for the preparation of Radiological Security Plan
  • To create awareness on nuclear security culture in practice.
  • To implement applicable system for ensuring the secure management, use and storage of radioactive source.
  • To develop physical protection concepts and principles at premise level.


  • Participative Lecture
  • Discussion / Case study
  • Demonstration / Practical

Target Group

Safety officer, RPO, RPS, radiologist, manager, supervisor, lecturer, technologist, and those who are involved and interested in the application of ionising radiation in various sectors-industry, engineering, petroleum and gas, medical, manufacturing, etc and those who are responsible for the safe use of ionising radiation in various activities.

Course Content: 

  • Overview of Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Effect on Human
  • Guideline to The Preparation of Radiological Security Plan
  • Radioactive Source and Threat Category
  • Transportation of Radioactive Material
  • Security of Radioactive Materials
  • Atomic Energy Licensing Act / Legislative Requirement
  • Security Control At Premise (General, Storage, Usage & Field Work)
  • Risk Based Physical Protection System & Measures
  • Security Culture
  • Radiation Safety Audit
  • Security Management
  • Preparedness ond Response to Nuclear Security


Payment Fees Fees with accommodation*
Single Registration per pax RM 1,485.00 RM 1,885.00
After IPTN RM 1,410.00 RM 1,810.00
Team Discount per pax

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

RM 1,410.00 RM 1,810.00
After IPTN RM 1,339.00 RM 1,739.00

* The accommodation valid for Suite 57@ Nuclear Malaysia Guest House.

Fees include the cost of training material. Payment through cheque/bank draft and local  order (L.O) should be crossed and made payable to Director General Malaysian Nuclear Agency



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