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Working in various industries especially in electrical related industries can pose hazard and risk to human life. That risk could be minimised or prevented by the use of proper electrical safety techniques and equipment.

This 2-day course is designed to provide an overview of an often overlooked aspect of electrical safety and information on the codes and standards which regulate the way that electrical work is performed.  It covers wide range of accident prevention concepts and elements of a well structured, efficient electrical safety program.



  • To provide the essential safety knowledge to the engineering personnel
  • To familiarise with the codes and standards in electrical works
  • To provide information on rescue, first aid and accident investigation
  • To provide knowledge on the setup, implementation and evaluation of a successful electrical safety programs


  • Introduction to Electrical Safety
  • Legislation requirement
  • Electrical hazards
  • Electrical inspection and testing
  • Electrical safety equipment
  • Protection for safety
  • Safety management
  • Electrical safety supply for electrical load management
  • Accident preventive & investigation, rescue and first aid
  • Electrical load testing & measurement


Qualified Small Medium Enterprise (SME) participants are only required to pay 30% of the course fees. The other 70% will be funded from SME Skill Development Programme.


M&E engineers and supervisors, M&E services Maintenance staff, electrical contractors, researchers, technician and those who are working in electrical based field.

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Ketua Sektor/Pegawai Penyelidik

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Koordinator Latihan/Pegawai Penyelidik

Harni Safina binti Haron
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Nur Aqilah binti Ismail
Phone: +603.8911.2000 ext 2602


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