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The performance of the electronic instruments is depended on the human factor, technical ability and reliability of the instruments. As such, the technical skills of personnel must be nurtured and developed to the fullest potential. Thus, it is equally important to have proper maintenance and calibration programme for the electronic instruments and scientific equipment in order to produce accurate data/results. Proper maintenance will also ensure the durability of the instruments, has proven cost effective and safe working condition.

This 3-day course is designed to provide sound understanding of the fundamental concepts of maintenance and trouble shooting of the electronic instruments for technical personnel. The knowledge acquired will enhance their operational effectiveness in maintenance aspects, failure identification and rectification and trouble shooting. It covers wide range of maintenance aspects including the selection of test instruments and proper operational procedures.


  • To introduce basic principle of nuclear radiation, radiation detection & measurements and nuclear instrumentations & maintenance
  • To be able to identify the failure and malfunction of the instruments
  • To familiarise with the instrument trouble shooting
  • To understand the maintenance and calibration of electronic instruments for accuracy and durability


  • Basic nuclear physics
  • Radiation interaction with matter
  • Introduction to detectors
  • Experiment 1: survey meter
  • Introduction analog electronics
  • Power supply
  • Experiment 2: power supply
  • Introduction to nuclear counting system
  • Nuclear application & imaging
  • Maintenance of nuclear instrumentaion
  • Experiment 3: NIM BIN 


Lecture, tutorial, practical/demonstration


Researcher, academician, technician and technical assistant with 1 – 5 years working experience, Fresh Engineer, supervisor, laboratory manager, laboratory assistant and those  who interested in maintaining of electronic & scientific equipment.


Qualified Small Medium Enterprise (SME) participants are only required to pay 30% of the course fees. The other 70% will be funded from SME Skill Development Programme.

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