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Each year hundreds kilometers of road or highway are damaged due to poor compaction and there needs a rehabilitate the road in order to maintain pleasant journeys or trips. Many, if not most, of these damages could be prevented by the use of appropriate methods to measure soil compaction during the earthwork construction.

Measurement of moisture and soil density by using nuclear technique is widely used in civil engineering, agriculture, hydrology and industry. The advantages of this technique are it is non-destructive, non-contacting, rapid, repeated measuring can be made in-situ, the measurement integrates over a large volume of the medium or sample, high accuracy and reliability.

This 3-day course is designed to provide the participant with in-depth knowledge of performing soil compaction measurement using nuclear techniques.


  • To provide the concept and application of modern soil compaction by using nuclear techniques
  • To explain the procedures and field testing for soil moisture and density measurement
  • To provide information on evaluation of calibaration, Marshall/Proctor value, statistical result and comparison  with conventional method
  • To provide hands-on experience on soil compaction measurement using nuclear techniques


  • Introduction of soil compaction in particular moisture content & soil density measurements
  • The effects of water content and soil density on compaction for earthwork construction
  • General principle of radiation interaction and measurement techniques
  • Density & moisture measurement (nuclear techniques vs conventional method)
  • Portable moisture & density gauge by using nuclear  techniques
  • Radiological safety procedures
  • Laboratory: Evaluation of calibration, Marshall/Proctor value and statistical result with conventional method
  • Practical on soil density & moisture measurement for compaction control


Qualified Small Medium Enterprise (SME) participants are onlyrequired to pay 30% of the course fees and examination. The other 70% will be funded from SME incentive from Skill Development Programme.


English and Bahasa Melayu 


Lecture, tutorial, practical/demonstration 


Civil Engineer, Technical Assistant (civil), Road Rehabilitation, Contractor, NDT personnel, Soil Laboratory Supervisor, Soil Testing Company Personnel, Academicians, Suppliers or those who will be assigned responsility in construction involving earthwork in the field.

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