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The use of computer for in-line data acquisition and process control for the various systems in laboratories or on-site is now a common practice among scientists and technologists. Computer are also used to upgrade old systems.   Due to the better features and value for money, they are rapidly gaining popularity. A microcomputer has the advantage over a microprocessor in the sense that it can be programmed using a high level language such as BASIC.

This course is designed with the view to promote computer technology as a important tool to be used in research, training, maintenance etc.


  • To provide knowledge and experience in using micro computer to solve problems in the laboratory
  • To gain experience in designing and constructing interfaces to connect an instrument to a microcomputer for the purpose of data acquisition and process control
  • To encourage the use of microcomputer in research and maintenance works


  • Lectures and practical will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to electronic and microcomputer
  • Introduction to quick basic
  • Input/output (I/O) techniques
  • Motors and how to drive them
  • Transducers and their applications
  • ADC/DAC interfacing
  • Serial and parallel interfaces
  • Digital protection using microcomputer


Qualified Small Medium Enterprise (SME) participants are only required to pay 30% of the course fees and examination. The other 70% will be funded from  Skill Development Programme.


English and Bahasa Melayu


Lecture, tutorial, practical/demonstration


Researcher, academician, technician, technical assistant, supervisor, laboratory manager, laboratory assistant and those who interested in maintaining of electronic & scientific equipment.

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