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This course is designed to provide basic knowledge and introduction to the various NDT methods and techniques commonly used to detect and examine defect in engineering works. It consists of radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particals, liquid penetration and eddy current.



  • Understanding the principles of NDT methods, application and limitation.
  • Providing necessary knowledge and ability in identification and selection of NDT methods according to the conditions of the test specimens.



  1. Radiography

Basic principles, film processing, technique, application and limitation.

  1. Ultrasonic

Basic principles, calibration, technique, application and limitation.

  1. Surface Methods

(Magnetic particle and liquid penetrant)

Basic principles, processing, technique, application and limitation.

  1. Eddy current

Basic principles, technique, application and limitation.

  1. Material processes and defects



New NDT practitioner, manager, supervisor, engineer, lecturer, contractor, consultant, researcher, contractor, supplier, consultant, researcher and worker in NDT.




Payment Fees

Single Registration per pax          RM 1260.00

After IPTN                                          RM 1197.00

Team Discount per pax                  RM 1195.00

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

After IPTN                                           RM 1135.00

**SME per pax                                 RM   378.00

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