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Safety and reliability of industrial plants rely to a great extent on the effectiveness of the inspection program adopted by the organization.  Effectiveness of inspection program on the other hand depends mainly on the ability of those involved in this program to execute the inspection activities as well as to interpret and evaluate results and data gathered by inspectors.  Since plant inspections mainly involved scrutinizing integrity of metallic objects such as pressure vessels, piping’s, condensers, etc, then knowledge on metallurgical aspects of these metals are essential to those involved in it.

This 4 days training course is designed to impart some basic metallurgical knowledge and experience to those involved in plant inspection activities.  The course materials are selected so that it may help to improve the ability of plant inspectors, plant engineers, NDT inspectors, quality control/quality assurance personnel and those alike, in interpreting and evaluating results and data.




  • To provide basic knowledge of metallurgy, material technology and testing.
  • To appreciate the roles of NDT in metallurgy
  • To enhance knowledge on the relationship between metallurgy and destructive/ non-destructive testing practices in manufacturing industries
  • To gain appropriate kinowledge and experience related to the metallurgical aspects of inspection in industrial plants
  • To gain practical experience in basic metallurgical examination and inspection using replication methods




  • Corrosion process and protection
  • Corrosion monitoring techniques
  • Non destructive and destructive testings
  • Steel making
  • Heat treatments and its application
  • Forging and welding
  • Principle of casting and its defects
  • Mechanical testing
  • Fractography Basic metallurgy
  • Materials and their properties
  • Metallurgical processes and defects associated to them
  • In servive defects (including corrosion, fatigue, creep, etc)



English and Bahasa Melayu.



Inspection engineer, Maintenance engineer, Quality assurance and quality control engineer, Level 2 and level 3 NDT inspector (RT, UT, MT, PT, ET), NDT trainers and any individual who involved in plant inspection activities.



Payment Fees


Single Registration per pax          RM 1590.00

After IPTN                                           RM 1510.00

Team Discount per pax                  RM 1510.00

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

After IPTN                                           RM 1434.00

**SME per pax                                 RM   477.00


Payment With *Accomodation  Fees

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