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Malaysia has been very lucky in the sense that we do not have a serious earthquake threat. In this respect our concrete constructions such as buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels etc are not suppose to be subjected to vibration that may lead to damage of building and may be collapse.    However, despite this advantage, a number of building damage and collapse were reported recently.  Such a phenomenon together with that experienced by our neighboring countries suggested that quality buildings, bridges and other concrete construction is necessary.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) technology has been known to have a significant contribution in ensuring the integrity of buildings, bridges, dams etc. throughout the world. Such an expertise was developed in Nuclear malaysia as a result of years of experience and extensive research. It is our commitment to disseminate and share the knowledge and experience for the betterment of our national construction industries.

This training course is designed to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge of the NDT methods applicable to the inspection and examination the quality of concrete used in construction industries. It covers both theorical and practical aspects and conducted entirely by Malaysian Nuclear Agency  experts.



  • To generate greater awareness on the ability and availability of NDT for concrete, building and bridges inspection
  • To provide knowledge on principles of NDT methods for concrete and their applications
  • Understanding the selection of NDT methods according to the type of structures
  • To enhance skill in using various NDT methods for concrete evaluation



  • Participative lecture
  • Practical / demonstration
  • Discussion






Properties of Concrete

Concrete Inspection

  • Visual Inspection

General, periodic inspection, crack mapping

  • Radiography

Basic principle, film processing, technique and their application

  • Ultrasonic

Basic principle, calibration, technique and their application; strength estimation, quality grading

  • Rebound Hammer

Basic principle, technique, calibration and their applications; strength estimation for old and new concrete

  • Magnetic Method

Basic principle, technique and their applications; bar locating and sizing



Payment Fees

Single Registration per pax          RM 1590.00

After IPTN                                           RM 1510.00

Team Discount per pax                  RM 1510.00

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

After IPTN                                           RM 1434.00

**SME per pax                                 RM   477.00

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