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Concrete  is  the  most  consumed  man  made   material  on  the  face  of  this  planet. Do   to  it  cost  and  availability   it  has  become   the  most   preferred  material to be used   for  the   construction   of   many   gigantic    and   critical   structures   such   as residential    and   commercial   buildings,   bridges,   dams  and   many  others.  The usage  of  reinforced  concrete  in   the  construction  of  451.9  meter  high  petronas tower  illustrated  the  importance  of  concrete  in  the  development  of  our  nation.

Nondestructive  Testing  (NDT)  is  a  very  powerful  tool  for  quality  that  attributes significantly  toward  ensuring  the  integrity  of  concrete  structures.  NDT methods such   as   ultrasonic,   radiography,     ground   penetrating   radar,    electromagnetic  methods,   etc   have   been   well   accepted   for    this   purpose,   especially   in   the  developed  countries.  However,  it  is  still  considered  as  new  in  many developing  countries.  For  this  reason  the  International  Atomic  Energy  Agency  have utilized malaysian  expert  from  Malaysian  Nuclear  Agency to disseminate this technology to  membe r  states   such  as  Sri Lnka,  Ghana,  Uzbekistan,  Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and many others.

Malaysian  Nuclear  Agency  is  now  extending  this  effort to share this technology with  member  of  civil engineering and NDT communities in malaysia. This training  course  is  designed  to  expose  the  interested  parties  with  various  NDT method applicable  for  civil  engineering  purpose.   Both  theoritical  and  practical aspects  of    methods   that include  radiography,   nultrasonic,  ground   penetrating   radar electromagnetic method s, thermography, etc will be discussed and demonstrated to provide an optimum understanding and appreciation to all participants toward this subject matter.



  • Have adequate lnowledge and experience to perform or to supervise NDT inspection applicable for civil engineering structures.
  • Have good understanding on the advantages and limitations of various  NDT  methods applicable for concrete inspections.


  • Introduction to NDT in concrete
  • Radiography method
  • Ultrasonic methods (pulse velocity, impact echo)
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Electromagnetic covermeter
  • Radioisotope method
  • Thermography methods
  • Rebound hammer and penetration test methods, etc.


Authorities engaged in building safety and integrity, NDT managers and practitioners, Academicians in area of civil engineering and civil consultant and contractors.


English and Bahasa Melayu.



Lecture, tutorial, practical/demonstration.



Payment Fees


Single Registration per pax          RM 1590.00

After IPTN                                           RM 1510.00

Team Discount per pax                  RM 1510.00

(2 or more registrations from the same organisation)

After IPTN                                           RM 1434.00

**SME per pax                                 RM   477.00

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