Today’s world is very competitive. Never before has the world of work been so challenging and been so imperative to career that we learn the skills of management. People had so many vast opportunities with so many potential rewards. The organization will compete with other organization for contracts and customers. To survive and thrive, today’s management have to think and act strategically. Today’s customers are well educated, aware of their options and demanding of excellence. For this reason, management today must think constantly about how to build a capable workforce and manage in a way that delivers the goods and services that provide the best possible value to the costumer. These courses under this sector are designed to help human capital and technological change employ technology in today‘s business environment and enable to gain the excellent in organisation.


The course is aimed to provide the basis of integration into OSH management to ensure adequate protection of workers, the public and the environment and encourage licensee to manage radiation safety based on performance, and not on compliance culture, with the final objective of professing a safety culture through self regulation. There is a significant improvement observed in the IRSMS as compared to the current Radiation Protection Program, and this will certainly benefit an organisation with ultimate goals to continuously strive for a healthy, accident free and environmentally sound workplace and community, while providing the technical support needed to meet the national mission.

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Siti Hajar Yusof (Training Coordinator)
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